▷Zaoree Review 2019 ¿FREE MONEY searching the web?

Zaoree is a new search engine pretty much similar to Presearch which is now in the prelaunch phase that is gonna allow you to make money searching the Internet for absolutely FREE in 2019 .

This web site was founded by a very famous business from Spain which is called Operating System Marketing .

This business is based in the capital in Madrid in the next postal adress :

Ave Street ,14, 1º B, PostCode : 28770,  Colmenar Viejo in the Spain’ s Capital .

This business received and aid from the Spanish Government from the ENISA institution

Which gives loans to new and innovative startups .

The release date of this platform according to what i have seen is in May 6th

📌 All the Main Features of the Zaoree Search Engine

My personal Rating of Zaoree : Pretty Good (4⭐)

Payment Proof : No , this web page is right now in the prelaunch phase , we are gonna have to wait to have payouts from Zaoree .

Language : This search engine is only available in Spanish for now.

Referral System : Zaoree has only one level of referrals available .

Referrals Payments : In this platform you can make money referring other people with your personal ambassador promo code .

You will make 15% of all the money they generate in the platform wheter it is doing the free tasks .

Or 15 % of the money they spend advertising their own business .

 Minimun to CashOut : The minimum cash out amount you need to reach to being able to get paid in this website is only 3€ .

Teniendo el mismo mínimo de pago para cualquiera de los 2 procesadores disponibles.

Available Countries : Currently this search engine is available worldwide ( in Venezuela too ) .

There isnt any restriction to signup in the platform .

Available Payment Methods : Actually we have available to cashout the PayPal processor and you can also get paid via Bank Wire .

Mobile App: They dont have any mobile app available

Nor for Android devices nor for IOS devices at this moment .

🤔 ¿How does Zaoree work? Getting Started in this web platform

First as always you have to sign up , when signing up they are gonna ask you for an ambassador code , you can add my personal code if you want

(“ DAVID “)

Zaoree sign up search engine make money paypal 2019

Once you have signed up you are gonna have to go your account or ” Cuenta ” if the website is in Spanish .

And there you have to fill all your payment details in order to being able to get paid.

After this you have to go to the ambassador or “Embajada” menu and typing your own ambassador code .

In order to be able to make money by referring other people to the site.

(You get up to 15% of what they generate into the platform.)

🎯 The Main DashBoard of the platform

This one is the main Dash Board , right above you are able to change between the searches part , images and the videos.

And in the right part you can see the task available at the moment.

As i said before the website now is in the prelaunch so you cant do anything yet .

🤔 ¿How can i make money with this web site?

Right now you can make money with Zaoree up to seven ways that im going to list right below :

  • By just Searching online you can make 0.01€ for every single search thanks to the advertising of the background photo. (The number of searches is limited as you can imagine).
  • Watching the background video you will make 0.01€ too.
  • Doing sponsored visits you can make 0.08€.
  • Watching full videos you earn 0.10€
  • Filling contact forms you earn up to 0.12€.
  • Doing esay surveys you can earn up to 0.65€ depending on the survey and the length of this one .
  • Bringing in referrals that introduce your ambassador code you are gonna make the 15% of lo que todos estos generen y lo que gasten anunciándose en la página web .

📷 Zaoree The Oficial English Promo Video

Click this link right here to watch.

🤔 ¿Is Zaoree a complete Scam or Is this one a Legit Web site?

As soon as the website gets started im gonna post right here the first payment proof that i get .

In order to confirm if Zaoree is going to work and its reliable or if it doesnt .

I just have gotten paid from this site for the first time in my Paypal account.

Right below this i will leave the payment proof.

zaoree payment proof

If you wanna sign up with my personal link you can do it by clicking right below.

✔️ My sincere Thoughts and Opinions on the Zaoree Search Engine in the year 2019

For now we cant know whether we are gonna be able to make money from this web site just searching like we would do on Google.

Or if it is going to be a total scam .

The site is up and running right now without any problem.

Since this business is registered legally in Spain and its gonna let people to advertise their business for a very cheap price.

Personally i think that this web site is going to last for a very long time and we are gonna be able to make money with it .

Greetings and as I always say Thank you so much for reading all this post until the very end. 👍

¡I hope that you have a nice day!

📌 (FAQS) All The Most frequently asked questions about the Zaoree web site that i got

¿When is the release date of the Zaoree web platform?

We dont know yet when the release date its going to be , as soon as i know the release date im gonna put it right here or in any of my social media accounts .

The release date is the 6th of May as they just announced.

¿How can i contact with the Support Team of the site?

You can reach out to them for any concern via e-mail , their business e-mail is the next one: zaoree@zaoree.com.

The only social media profiles i have found are his Youtube channel and his twitter account.

In their web site zaoree.com you can check out if they have added new methods recently .

¿Do i need a verified Paypal account in order to get paid in this site?

No, for now it is not mandatory , you are able to cashout even if you havent even verified your Paypal account.

Although as I always say i recommend you to do it as fast as you possibly can since it is completely necessary in most of the online businesses out there to get paid.