▷ WhatUsersDo User Testing 2019 ¿How to earn doing tests?

What Users Do is an User Testing platform which allows you to work from home and make money online for absolutely free by testing out companys web sites and also mobile apps .

User Testing websites are platforms where you can make money for free by saying your opinion and sharing your thoughts about customers pages and apps .

The physical address of the company in the United Kingdom is the one that you can see right below:

C/O UserZoom Technologies SL , Number 84 Eccleston Square in the city of London , SW1V 1PX in England.

And the company was founded in the year 2008 and it declares a annual revenue of over 2.6 million dollars as you can see researching a little bit about the company on the Internet

What Users Do has changed its web site , now the two user testing platforms What Users Do and Intellizoom have been unified into the last one The Intellizoom Panel.

Lets start off explaining this web site more deeply.

📌 All the main Features of the What Users Do Web Page in 2019

My sincera personal Rating of this web platform: Very Good (5⭐)

Payment Proof : YES , down below you can see the last payment proofs that i have received from the What Users Do Web Site .

Language : This web site is available only in English .

You cant change the language to another one i have seen .

Referral System : Yes, at the moment it has a referral system .

Referrals Payments : In this platform you will receive 2€ for every person that you bring in and completes at least one test succesfully .

You can only refer people from the 1st level . There is no option to build a huge downline of several levels.

 Minimun to CashOut : In What Users Do there is no minimum cash out amount.

You get paid for every successful test that you complete after some days .

They use to pay the 25th of every single month .

They have the same minimun to cash out for both payment processors .

Available Countries : Currently this web page is available all over the world .

There isnt any restriction to signup in the platform .

Although according to what i have researched the countries that has most of the tasks available are the ones that you can see next :

Spain , Germany , The Netherlands , United Kingdom , France , United States of America , Canada and also Australia.

Available Payment Methods : Actually you can cash out your money just through the PayPal payment processor .

Mobile App: They dont have any mobile app nor for Android devices nor for IOS devices for now .

Only the desktop version is available at the moment .

🤔 ¿How does What Users Do work? ¿How can i become a Tester in this platform? Getting Started here

First as always you are gonna have to sign up , you can do it by clicking right below with my personal referral link .

The registration process is very simple as you are going to see.


Once you have already confirmed your account on the platform and login .

At the very beginning you are gonna have to do a little questionaire answering some questions which are pretty easy you dont have anything to worry about.

In you are not very skilled in doing all these type of testing jobs.

And also you are gonna have to download a free extension in order to record your screen (the extension is called User Zoom Surveys / Screen Recorder) .

what users do payout paypal usaibility dashboard how to

> The Main Menu or DashBoard

In the Dashboard you can see all the jobs that you have completed so far and how much money you have made for each one of them .

(This we bsite sends you an e-mail when there is a new task availableto do)

You dont need to check out What Users Do on a daily basis it is not necessary at all .

> All the completed Tests

Here you can see all the tests that you have received until this moment, the ones that you were able to get done.

And also the ones where you didnt fit in .

> All The Test Invites

In this menu you can see if you have any new test available in this moment to complete .

They are gonna send you an e-mail when a new test is available you are not gonna have to check the platform out on a daily basis.

They even send you a new e-mail after the first one reminding you that the job positions are about to end if you have not noticed the message in the first place.

> Your Own Personal Account

This menu is divided into three different parts :

In your own Profile you can modify your personal data and the profile data that you filled when you signed up .

In Mobile Profile you can accept to receive tests on your smart phone .

In the web site they explain that you have to connect your telephone to your computer via USB .

In order to be able to do the mobile tests , personally i have activated this option .

Although for now all the time that i have been using What Users Do i didnt receive any of these tests so i cant say exactly how they work.

But since i havent had any kind of issue with this platform i guess that they will work fine similar to the desktop tasks .

> The System of Referrals (Invitations)

Right here you can see your personal referral link which you can promote and you also have a personalized button .

This button gives you the option to share your personal link in several social media platforms among them you have Twitter and also you can post it on your Facebook account.

🤔 ¿Is What Users Do a complete Scam or Is this one a Legit Web Page?

What Users Do is a very reliable web site , they have been paying out for over eleven years now without any kind of problem .

You wont have to worry about whether they are gonna pay you your money or dont .

Right below this paragraph you are able to see the last payment proofs that i have received  from this web page .


intellizoom payment proof

✔️ My honest Thoughts and Opinions on this Web Page and Making Money Testing Web sites

All the User Testing web sites are a great way to make some extra money for free from home by just doing simple tasks .

What Users Do is one of the best ones among this category of web pages .

In my opinion User Testing websites besides Crowdsourcing tasks web sites are the best ones to make money for free on the Internet .

The best thing about this web site that i could say is that most tests are very easy to complete .

The only bad thing that i could mention about them is that they dont have plenty of tests for the countries that are not in the list that i wrote above 👆 .

That is pretty much all i have for you today .

If you wanna start making money for free with What Users Do for testing apps and web sites you can join by clicking my personal link that you have right below.


😃 ¡Greetings and Thank you very much for having read this little review about the What Users Do site until the very end!

If you still have any kind of questions about What Users Do or User Testing web sites in general dont hesitate to leave a comment in any of my social media accounts .

Which you can find by clicking right here .