▷ Spare 5 Review 2019 ¿How to earn money for FREE?

Spare 5 is a micro tasks web site where you can make money for absolutely free from anywhere in the world (even if you are from Venezuela it is available there too).

By doing easy crowdsourcing tasks from the comfort of your own home.

Which are used in the same way that in a platform that is very very similar.

Im talking about the famous web page of Neevo or Defined Crowd.

These are used to give instructions and improve the understanding of the machines that use and process the artificial intelligence or AI .

This crowdsourcing platform can be accesed from anywhere in the world without any kind of restriction.

Lets start explaining more deeply how it works and how you can make money easily with this site.

📌 All the main Features of the Spare 5 web platform

My Personal Rating of Spare five: Pretty Good (4⭐)

Payment Proof: YES. At the end of this post you are gonna be able to see all the last payment proofs that i got from this web site.

Language of the web: The interface of the page is available in your native language (they obviously support English).

The system of Referrals: This web platform has only one level of referrals available right now.

(They just shutted it down , you no longer can make money by referring other people sadly).

Payment for the referrals: In this platform you make 1$ for every 10$ generated by your direct referrals until these get to make their first 100$.

Recently they just stopped the referral system, unfortunately we no longer can make money by inviting people.

Mínimum Payout: The minimun quantity that you need to cash out in this web site is very low , just a single dollar (1$) .

Pretty easy to achieve for anybody since the tasks that appear are the same regardless of the country you are working from.

All the available Payment Methods: You can only get paid through the Paypal payment processor.

The payments dont have any additional fee you are going to receive your full payment in your account.

Countries the web site is available in:

Right now since the beginning of 2020 they no longer allow users of any european country (including the UK after Brexit) to join and some other countries like Colombia etc.

Nowadays you can join the site if you live in any of the following places:

  • United States of America (USA)
  • Kenya
  • India
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Venezuela

The Spare 5 app: Spare 5 has its own free mobile app available, for now just for the IOS devices.

In which sometimes they put some tasks that dont appear in the normal desktop version .

According to what they have said not so long ago , they may launch an app also available for the people that has Android devices.

But for now we dont have it available , we are gonna have to wait for a while.

You have to be aware that there is plenty of fake apks all over the web , ¡Dont join a scam!

📌 ¿How can i sign up in Spare 5? Review and First Steps on the web page

First of all as always , you are gonna have to sign up to being able to work in this site.

It is way better if you join under a sponsor with its link.

Since for the first 100 dollars that you earn they are gonna give you 2 dollars extra for every 10 dollars direct to your account.

If you wanna join and start making money for free you can do it by clicking my personal link right below.

The sign up process for Spare 5 is pretty easy you are just going to need to fill a little form and you are set.


If you register on your own you wont get any additional bonification as i have told you.

After you are gonna have to click on the “Get Started” button.

And you can sign up with your personal email, your Facebook Account , Linkedin and your personnal Google Plus account.

🤔 ¿How does Spare Five Work? (Getting Started in the web site)

Spare five allows you to make money for absolutely free by just doing several types of easy tasks.

Among them we have the labelling of several images, the recognition of different elements or people , categorizing etc.

This platform needs all your focus and attention.

You will have to do the tasks as best as you can , in order to get as much XP as you can and keep going up in the platform in order for you to receive as much tasks as possible and way better paid.

Once you are into Spare 5 you are gonna see the dashboard from the image below , whose interface is pretty easy.

In the part of above is where the paid tasks are going to show up.

And below is where the qualification tasks are gonna appear (these tasks must be completed right when you start before starting to receive paid tasks .

If you do them the right way you are gonna receive .

I have to say that although they cannot be published because they may shut down your account on the site, some people “takes the risk”.

And many of the qualifiers are available totally public for free on the Youtube platform.

Other tasks by just paying attention to them carefully .

Or using the translator if you dont know english very well , they can be completed perfectly by almost any user, regardless of the level of expertise that you have.


✔️ The web Interface of the platform of Spare 5

If you click on your balance you are gonna see all the settings of your account , which are divided in four different menus:

  • Settings of your account: In this section you will be able to see your Paypal account , modifying the e-mail of the account , the e-mail you have signed up with in the platform and the language of the platform.
  • Your Personal Profile: In this section you will be able to see the number os tasks that you have completed and the different accuracy levels that y los diferentes niveles de destreza que te asigna la página según hayas completados las tareas (Annotation Level , Categorization Level , Rating Level , Research Level and Writing Level).
  • The Payments : Right here you will be able to see podrás ver todos los pagos que has recibido hasta el momento y también modificar el mínimo de pago de la página .
  • Your referrals: In this menu you will the referalls that you have gotten , the state of their account and when they signed up.

The first task that is gonna appear you right after signing up on the site for the first time is a little guide to get started.

In only a couple minutes you are gonna have your first 0.10$ and you will have unlocked also a lot of tasks.

Which you can do too and make a little bit more .

📌 Experience Points (XP) in the web of Spare 5

The experience points or XP are earned by completing tasks and they indicate your actual user level within the page.

The more points you have the more paid tasks you are going to get.

Not having enough experience points can get you out of many tasks that are only available for the users that have a higher level.

Under every single task on the site you will be able to see very clearly all the points that you will earn in the “Annotation” section .

XP spare 5 fives payout tasks free money 2019

✔️ Types of additional users that exist right now in Spare 5

💥 The Mentors

You can become a mentor in the page.

¿What do i have to do as a mentor? , a mentor is a person that is very good at doing the tasks that the page has es una persona que se le da muy bien realizar las tareas de todo tipo que la página posee.

In order to get it you must do a lot of tasks (there is not a exact number that i can tell you) the right way and they can upgrade your account.

Mentors job is all about checking out the tasks made by other users , although in order to do that is needed a certain level of expertise.

As it is obvious they are gonna pay you more for the tasks done /corrected by being a mentor than being a normal user.

In order to get to this level it is necessary for you to pay attention when you are doing the jobs and reading very well the instructions of every single one of them.

Only the best users are allowed to get here .

💥 Earnings of the referrals (No longer available they just shut down the referrals system)

In Spare 5 you can invite as much people as you want.

The site does not have any referrals limit and you can make up to a maximum of 20 dollars for every person that you have invited.

You will earn two dollars$ for every ten dollars that your friend generates up to a maximum of 100$ for every person (or until the earnings that the person gets in the first 180 days).

Then you can get to make up to 20$ for every single active referral which is pretty good to be honest.

In addition your will also earn a bonus for joining the website with your personal link.

(He/ she will earn half what you earn, exactly la mitad que tu el patrocinador un 1$ extra for every 10$ that he/she generates) .

🤔 ¿Does Spare5 Pay? ¿Is this page reliable or it is a complete SCAM?

YES , Spare 5 is totally reliable, they are PAYING OUT in 2019 every single Friday if you have accumulated at least 1$ in your account.

You DONT need to request your payment at any time.

They issue it automatically and it is not necessary to have your Paypal verified nor something like that ni nada por el estilo.

As it happens in a bunch of other platforms that allow you to make money on the Internet.

I have even seen people from Venezuela (lots of people there have trouble verifying their account with their debit card to get paid) .

Right below you can see the last payment proofs that i have received from the Spare 5 web recently in my Paypal account.


spare5 payment

📌 My Thoughts and sincere Opinions about the Spare 5 site right now in 2019

This one is a good page from my point of view to make some extra money on the side without needing to sell nor referring anybody .

You can make money without needing all of that just with your own work.

Spare stands out because of its great reliability (they have been paying out for over three years now without any delay and also they have their own real headquarters with offices in the United States) .

And also because you dont need any specifical knowledge to get started and being able to work there.

Also it is available worldwide without any restriction of any kind.

And it has a very low minimum payout achievable for any type of person.

Which is one of the things that i like the most about this web platform.

Personally i have been working with them for over two years now and i have received a lot of payouts.

Working mainly on my own without having any referrals at all.

I have NOT had any kind of delay with the payments they have always paid me on time every single friday.

Nor any other additional problem with the page that i can remember right now .

If you wanna sign up in this site and start making money with this platform of tasks you can do it by clicking right below.


¡Greetings and thank you so much for reading this little tutorial about Spare 5 until the very end!

If you have any questions or doubts not listed in the FAQS section right below .

Please leave a comment in the comments section and i will try to answer you as fast as i can.

¡Everyone have a wonderful day!

🤔 (FAQS) All the Most Frequently Asked Questions that i have received about the Spare 5 web site

¿Do I have to do all the jobs the right way with accuracy in Spare?

Yes , it is completely necessary for you to do every single job with attention and by trying to make the minimun number of fails.

Unlike most people use to think about working from home.

It is not enough for them to deliver any kind of sloppy work.

It is necessary to take seriously any task as if it was a job more in real life.

You are not allowed to mess around with this.

¿For how long does the jobs use to last?

The number of tasks that you can get to make in the platform as you can imagine is limited .

When the users have completed all the tasks that the customers have hired the job is closed and you no longer are able to access it.

There is no maximum time , as i said the jobs close simply when they are done.

¿How much money can i get to make in the Spare 5 web?

The amount of money that you are gonna be able to make with this web site is going to depend on a few factors that im gonna list next:

Your level and the experience points that you have in the platform.

(As i said above the more experience or xp the more tasks you are gonna receive , letting you increase your earnings and if you become a mentor you are gonna make more money too).

It deppends on the jobs that are available in the platform (sometimes there is more , sometimes there is less, the tasks may vary).

And also the number of people that you can invite to the platform that is active and works.

As you already know you can make up to 20$ for every referral that you get.

¿Do i need to have my Paypal account verified in order to be able to get paid?

NO , it is not mandatory to have it verified in order to get paid although you have to link it in the first place.

Although as i always mention i highly highly recommend you to do it through any method you can .

Because in tons of businesses on the Internet you cant get paid if you dont have it set up.