▷Presearch Review ¿How to make money doing FREE tasks?

Presearch is a new search engine like the famous Google or Zaoree which allows you to make money for absolutely free by just searching the web . They pay you in their own criptocurrency which is called Presearch Pre Tokens .

The value of this cripto currency fluctuates with the forex market so it doesnt have a steady value.

Because of this i recommend you to check out the price when you are going to cash out all your money.

Maybe because you want to wait a little bit till the Presearch coin has gone back up to her former value.

Or you want to cash out as fast as you possibly can before it goes down again to receive as much money as possible.

It is gonna depend of the moment you get to the minimum cashout.

📌 All the Main Features of the Presearch Search Engine

My Personal Rating of Presearch : Very good (4⭐)

Payment Proof : Yes . At the end of this post you can see the last payment proof that i have received from the Presearch platform .

Language : The web interface of this search engine is completely in English .

You cant change it to any other language unfortunately although is pretty easy to use it even if you dont know the english language very well as you will see .

Referral levels : Presearch only has one level of referrals at this moment .

They pay you 25 tokens for every single valid referral that you get.

Minimun amount to CashOut : The minimun cashout is a little bit high , right now is in a thousand reward tokens more exactly.

Which is pretty much a hundred dollars (100 dollars) .

All te countries Accepted by Presearch right now : You can sign up in this web wite from anywhere in the world (If you are from Venezuela you can too).

Without any restriction of any kind .

As i have researched the his terms and conditions of the page.

All the available payment methods : You are able to get paid through any payment processor that is currently accepting the Presearch Token.

I would personally reccomend you the following ones since are the most reliable ones that i know :

Binance , Trust Wallet , My Ether Wallet , and also the Google Chrome Meta Task extension .

There are a lot more although with these ones you will be fine they are not a scam like many others available out there.

Mobile app: Presearch does not have  its own mobile app available at this moment .

Nor for Android devices either for IOS devices .👎

You can only use the desktop version by the momen , we will see if they go further and they launch the mobile versions too.

📌Sign up In Presearch ¿How to Get Started with this Search Engine?

First as always you are gonna have to sign up with your e-mail and a password.

If you do it with the link of somebody you will get 25 initial tokens as an initial bonus .

Once you have used Presearch for at least sixty days and reached a minimum of a hundred points in the platform by doing real searches.

These are the requirements for sponsor to get their comission.

You can do it right below with my personal referral link .


presearch usd price coin background invite code news extension

There is no personal Invite Code nor anything like that.

When you are done signing up, you are gonna have to confirm your account in your personal inbox by clicking in the link that they have sent you.

If you cannot see it , make sure to check out the spam folder or request a new password on the platform, there may have been a mistake.

And after that login into the web site.

Once you have done it , go to “Update your Account” and update all your personal data, with your real name and everything that appears you there.

After doing this go to the “Settings” menu.

And set Presearch to open in a new tab , this way it will be way easier to use it for you on a daily basis.

Last but no least , you also have to go to your Avatar in the top right corner , and there click in your name .

After this click in “Connect ” and from there Download the web site extension in the browser that you use more frequently .

It is currently available for Google Chrome and also for Mozilla Firefox.

🤔 ¿Why do I have to perform normal searches in this web site in order to get paid?

You are not allowed to do random and mindlessly searches , you have to use Presearch as you would use Google normally on a daily basis.

You can only perform normal , informative searches , they just wanna know what you search on the Internet in a normal day.

If you use the search engine just to make money you are gonna get banned or they may lower your current level in the platform as you can see right below. 👇

“This happened to me right after i got started with this web site” , i made a huge mistake dont repeat it too yourself.

🤔 ¿How much money can i get to make with the Pre Search search engine on my own?

**** NOTICE > As i have just said right above the value of the coin is not always the same due to the multiple movements of the criptocurrencies market. ****

The web page pays 0.25 tokens for every normal search that you perform and it allows you to make up to 32 searches on a daily basis.

So this way you can make up to 8 tokens every single day .

Right now as you can check out in the Coin Market Cap Web Site (ICO) the coin is worth around 0.10$ pretty much.

If you can make up to 8 tokens a day and each token is worth around 0.10$ , you can make 0.80$ a day with this search engine.

Which is a decent amount for the little effort that this takes besides it is completely free .

I also have to say that this web site works with several levels , once you reach a certain amount of money they increase your level in the platform.

Which lets you make more money and cash out with a lower minimum payout if you hit a good level. 👍

🤔 ¿Does this web site really Pay? ¿Is Presearch Legit or it is a Scam?

Yes, this search engine is completely reliable they have been paying out without problem for over a year now .

Although it takes them some time to process the transactions , you have to keep in mind that payments are not fast at all in most cases. 👎

I have heard of people who have received their payment in just three days and other have to wait way longer .

Right below you can see a withdrawal proof of 26 dollars from this site that i have received through the Trust Wallet payment processor recently.

presearch payment proof  withdraw payday paypal

📌 Presearch My honest Opinions about making money with this Search Engine in 2019

Presearch is a good way to make some passive income for free , you are not going to become a multi millionaire with this search engine .

But this is a good way to make some money without having to do absolutely nothing.

By just changing the search engine that you use on a daily basis on your browser for this one.

The best thing about this web page without any doubt is that you can make money without having any affiliates or referrals.

The worst thing about this web site is the high minimum needed to cashout and the time that they take to pay sometimes. 👎

The first time you request a payment .

Beyond that this is a great web site and i highly highly recommend it to you.

If you wanna try out this web site and start making money for free using it instead of Google you can do it by clicking my personal link right below.


If you still have any questions , please dont hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section right below.

👍 Greetings and Thank you so much for having read this post about Presearch until the very end.

📌 (FAQS) The Most Frequently Asked Questions that i have received about this platform

¿Why do they take so much time in sending me the payouts?

I have been researching and i havent come to any clear conclussion about this particular problem .

I guess that it will be due to the huge number of requests that they might have because this search engine has become very popular in the english community.

And also it may be because of some error that is related with the Presearch Token or the cripto currency payment processors .

¿What is the best exchanger to change Presearch to Bitcoin?

There are some good available out there. I would personally recommend you to use Hit Btc , it is the one that i use personally.

It has low fees and it doesnt have given me much fails so far using it.