ASK GFK Panel Make money Filling Surveys From Anywhere in the world

Gfk is an online surveys pannel available worldwide which lets you earn money for free in order to buy in Amazon and all kinds of other gift cards for filling paid surveys from the confort of your own home.

GfK SE, was founded a long time ago in 1934 in Nuremberg as GfK-Nürnberg Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung e.V.​

It is the biggest market research company in Germany and it is among the ones that has the more users in the whole world.

They declare a annual revenue of over 1.5 Billion Euros and they have a lot of offices all over the world.

This is the executive leadership team with the main CEO and more leaders.

gfk surveys legit login uk reward research dates 2019

Their main headquarters are in Nuremberg (Germany) as i already mentioned .

Although they also have several offices in the United Kingdom (UK) , United States (USA) , Spain , The Netherlands ,Italy, Norway, France, Australia , Canada, Sweden and up to sixteen different countries all over the world.

Lets see with much more detail how this web site works.

📌 Main Features of the GFK Panel of Surveys

Personal rating of this web platform: Very Good ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Payment Proof : YES , right down below you can see the last payment proofs that i have received from the GFK web site.

Language of the app : This web platform is available in the following languages :

In English, Spanish, French , German , Norwegian , and last but not least in Malaysian.

You are not allowed to change the language to another one acording to what i have seen once you have set yours.

Referrals System : At this moment this site does not have any referral system available to being able to invite your friends.

You can only make money on your own. 💵

It is the biggest downside that i see to this web, apart from this i really like it.

Minimun to Cashout: The minimum cash out amount that you need in this web site is only 10€.

Which equals exactly to one thousands points within the platforms currency.

They send a good number of surveys it is very easy to get to the minimun.

The payment is not instantaneous you have to wait around two weeks in order to get paid .

Available Countries: Currently this mobile app is available all over the world .

There is no any restriction of any kind to sign up in the platform .

I guess that you wont be able to join it only if you live in countries like the North Korean Republic.

Available methods to get paid: At this moment you can cash out your money through Ticket Compliments , Gift Cards of Amazon, Carrefour and a lot more shops.

Mobile App: Their site is just available in the desktop version at this particular moment.

There is no version available nor for the Ios users nor for the Android users.

🤔 ¿How does GFK work? Sign up and Getting Started in this site

In order to sign up you are gonna have to fill all this data that you can see in the part right below.

(Your name , surname, the company that you are working for or own, Zip Code, postal address, the country you live in, phone number and also your e-mail)

Right after signing up you are gonna have to confirm your account by clicking in the link that they send you to your inbox.

If you cant see it always check out the spam folder.

They are gonna send you all the tests directly to your asociated e-mail.

As always in this kind of paid surveys sites.

First you are gonna have to complete your profile , if you dont know how you should fill it in order to get as much surveys as possible.

Check out this other post that i have made talking much more about all this stuff.

Once you have already filled your profile and set up a way to get paid.

That is all you need to do to be able to start making money with this site.

Surveys are pretty easy to fill , they dont use to take you out like it happens in most of the paid survey sites that we have available out there.

Most of the surveys that you are gonna receive you will be able to complete them as i say.

🤔 ¿Does GFK pay you? ¿Is it legit or a complete scam? Payment proof from the site

Yes this web site is completely legit i have already received several payments of Amazon Gift Cards and Ticket Compliments.

In the image of below you can see a payment proof from the GFK site.

Through Ticket Compliments of 10€ which i can spend in a lot of supermarkets , gas stations and more businesses like Carrefour or Mcdonalds to mention a couple of them.

gfk payment proof compliments

It took almost three weeks to get to my own home.

😉 My honest Thoughts and Opinions about the Ask Gfk web site

GFK is one of the biggest surveys sites in the whole world , there is no doubt about its reliability.

They have tons of options in order to be able to cash out.

The only downside about this site that i could mention is that you cant get paid through cash to Paypal or any other payment processor.

You can only receive money to purchase things , which is fine although some people just want to use sites that allow them to make money.

🤨 (FAQS) The Most Frequently Asked Questions that i have received from this plataform

¿Can I search for job positions in this web site?

Yes, you can.

In the careers menu they have a lot of positions avalaible to work in a lot of files in its offices in many countries.

You can look for jobs there if you are interested in working in this great company.

¿How much time do they take you in paying if i request Amazon gift cards?

If you request your reward in money for buying in Amazon is gonna take you around one week in reaching to your e-mail with the code.

That is what has taken me in all the orders that i have requested up to this point.

¿Does this web site send a good number of surveys or its not worth my time to join and work with it?

Yes , GFK use to send a lot of surveys on a monthly basis.

It is not gonna take you a lot of time to reach the minimun amount to get paid unless you have very bad luck.