▷ Embee Meter CX Mobile App ¿How to make passive income?

Embee Meter CX is a market research app which allows you to make money for absolutely free by just having it installed in your mobile phone in the background.

Letting you make some passive income on the side without having to do absolutely any work at all.

This mobile app is part of the Embee Mobile Insight Solutions Inc business.

Whose physical adress in the United States of America is the one that you can see right below:

525 Brannan Street, Suite 408 in
San Francisco City , CA 94107 in the United States of America (USA) .

Then , lets go ahead and see how this mobile app works exactly.

📌 All the Main Features of the Embee Meter CX Mobile App

My personal Rating of the mobile app: Very Good (5 ⭐)

Payment Proof : YES , down below you can see the last payment proofs that i have received from the Embee Meter Cx App on my account.

Languages of the app : This mobile app is available in the following languages :

In English, Spanish, French , German , Norwegian , Indonesian and last but not least also in the Malaysian tongue.

You are not allowed to change the language to another one acording to what i have seen once you have set yours.

Referrals System : At this moment this mobile app doesnt have any referral system available to being able to invite your friends.

You can only make money on your own. 💵

It is the biggest downside that i see to this app, apart from this i really like it.

Minimun to CashOut: The minimum cash out amount that you need in this app is only one hundred and fifty points which in cash is exactly one euro.

The payment is completely instantaneous you dont have to wait a lot of time like it happens in other platforms.

Available Countries: Currently this mobile app is available all over the world .

There isnt any restriction of any kind to sign up in the platform .

I guess that you wont be able to join it only if you live in countries like the North Korean Republic.

Available methods to get paid: At this moment you can cash out your money just throughthe PayPal payment processor .

Mobile App: Their mobile app is just available for the devices with Android at this moment.

There is no version available for the Ios users nor for the personal computers .

File size: The size of this application is just fourteen Mega – Bytes it doesnt occupy almost any space at all.

Android 4.0 or more its necessary to being able to download the app in your device without having any kind of problem.

You can install it in more than 90% of the mobile phones that are on the market right now without any problem i would say.

🤔 ¿How do i get started in Embee Meter CX?¿Is Embee CX available to download at the Google Play Store?

First you are gonna have to download the app , i have to tell you that embee meter is not always available in the market place to register.

They allow new signups just sometimes because they want their app not go viral and only have the people in that is gonna use it the right way and not with fake devices or stuff like that.

Right below you have the direct link to the app in the Google Play Store site where you can download it on your smartphone for absolutely free .


Once you have downloaded the app and login into your personal account you are gonna receive 50 points as a welcome bonus which is in real money pretty much (0.50€).

You are already gonna be way closer to get paid for the first time.

After doing this very first step you are gonna have to enable the app on your mobile phone in the automatic menu that is gonna appear you in the app.

embee meter cx uk usa work home

Once you have already reached the 150 points after a few days you are gonna be able to charge the money that you have made .

You just have to scroll down and click on the “Redeem” button and select there the Paypal payment procesor which is the only one that they have available at this moment .

📌 ¿How much money can i get to make with this application?

With this mobile app you will make up to fifteen points every single day.

Which is 1€ for every ten days and 5€ in the 33rd day .

Which is pretty much five euros earned every single month, some extra and free cash without having to do literally any work.

Nor spending any of your own time, only setting it up at the beginning.

You just need to have the app installed on your personal device and revealing some of the data of your mobile to all this research and marketing companies.

🤔 ¿Does Embee Meter CX pay you in the year 2019? ¿Is this mobile app legit or a complete scam?

Yes , Embee Meter CX pays out without any problem , this app is part of a very big business as I already mentioned you wont have any trouble to receive your payments.

Right below you can see some of the last Paypal payment proofs that i have received in my personal account from the Embee Meter CX mobile app up to this point.


embee meter cx payment proof

📌 My honest Thoughts and Opinions about the Embee Meter CX app in the year 2019

Embee Meter CX is very simple to use and it allows you to make money without doing anything.

As I already said you can make up to five euros every single month which is ok for not having to do absolutely any work.

I have been using this app a year now and it has worked perfectly for me , no delays in payments , problems with the system nor anything.

About the data that they collect about the users ,on their Support Section (FAQS) they say that they only collect generic data about our usage habits of our smartphone.

I guess that they will take a look at the apps that you have installed and also the pages that you have searched and visited on your internet browser .

If you wanna check out if the Embee Meter app is available at this moment in the Google Play Store you can do it by clicking in the link that you can see right below .


😃 ¡Greetings and as always thank you very much for having read this little review about the Embee Meter CX app so far

If you have any questions yet dont hesitate to leave a comment in belows section and i will try to answer it as soon as i possibly can.

I hope to see you again in my web site very soon .

¡I hope you have a wonderful day!

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