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Defined Crowd Review 2019 ¿How to Make Money Doing Easy Jobs?

Defined Crowd Review 2019 ¿How to Make Money Doing Easy Jobs? 1

Defined Crowd Corporation (recently renamed as Neevo) is an American website which allows you to make money for free by doing all kinds of tasks .

The main headquarters of the bussiness are in Seattle in the United States of America and they also have headquarters in Europe in the capital of Portugal (Lisboa).

The company was founded in the month of August of the year 2015 by two very famous entrepeneurs Amy Du and also Daniela Braga.

If you use Linkedin or Crunchbase you can search there their profiles and get to know them a little bit better .

Defined Crowd is actually working with some of the biggest technology and e-commerce businesses in the whole world like for example and Sony Inc .

Among many others that you can check out on their web site.

Then , lets start off with the review of this great site.

📌 All the main Features of the Defined Crowd Web Site

My personal Rating of Defined Crowd : Very good ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Payment Proof : Yes . At the end of this post you can see all the last payment proofs that i have received from the Defined Crowd platform .

Language : The Defined Crowd web site is completely in English .

Referral levels : Defined Crowd doesnt have any kind of referrals system at the moment .

You can only make money by yourself.

Minimun to CashOut : Defined Crowd doesnt have any minimun to cashout .

You are going to get paid for every task that you have completed regardless of how much its what you have generated.

Once they have validated that the task has been done correctly .

Whether it is 1$ or 100$.

Available countries : You can sign up in this Web Site from anywhere in the world as they indicate in his terms and conditions (If you are Venezuela too) .

Without any kind of restriction of any kind .

Available payment methods : You can get paid only through the PayPal payment processor .

They dont charge you any fee , although they pay in american dollars .

If you are not from America Paypal is gonna take some of your money when exchanging from american dollars to your local currency .

Making you lose a little bit of your money .

Mobile app: Defined Crowd doesnt have its own mobile app available .

Nor for Android devices either for IOS devices of Apple.

📌 Sign up and Getting Started in This Web Site

First as always you are gonna have to sign up , you can do it in my personal link right below .

(There is no referrals system as i have already mentioned right above)


Once you have signed up and filled all this data you are gonna have to go your “ Profile Settings ” and go to “ Payment Methods ” and set up there your Paypal Account.

defined crowd crowdsourcing platform

As you are gonna see the Dashboard of Defined Crowd is pretty easy to use , i would say that too easy for the reliability of this business .

You are gonna have your personal profile , your nationality and right below two different menus :

In the “Work” menu you have the jobs that you have available and you are gonna be able to do at any moment .

In ” History “ you can see all jobs that you have applied for , the ones that you were able to complete and the ones that you dont.

📌 Very Important 📌

Before starting to receive tasks you have to add all the languages that you personally know .

And also saying how fluent you are in each of theses languages .

If you are a polyglot (you speak a ton of languages this website is perfect for you)

📌 Tasks available in Defined Crowd

For every single task that you do in this web wite you are gonna have to sign a legal contract and follow the instructions very carefully .

The good thing about this website is that they send you and e-mail every time there is a new task available .

Its not necessary at all to check the website out on a daily basis to see if there are new jobs available.

The tasks that are available are limited , who arrives first gets them

So you have to make sure that you complete the tasks that you receive as soon as you can. 👍

🤔 ¿Is Defined Crowd trustworthy or it is a complete Scam? 🤔 Defined Crowd payment proof 📌

Yes , Defined Crowd is a legit web site with real headquarters in Seattle and in Lisboa that has been paying out without any problem for a while now .

💵 Right below im gonna leave the last payment proof
that i just got from the Defined Crowd platform.


defined crowd payout payment proof 2019

😃 Thoughts and Opinions about This web page and Making Money doing Tasks in 2019 💵

Defined Crowd is a great platform to make some extra money online in 2019 .

The tasks as i said are pretty easy to do they can be done by anybody.

The only bad thing that i could say about this website is that sometimes they dont send tasks every week or with a lot of frequency in general.

It depends on the period.

If you wanna join this website you can do it by clicking the link right below.

👇 👇

😀 Greetings and thank you So Much for reading this little review about the Defined Crowd site so far.

If you have any questions not mentioned in the FAQS below dont hesitate to leave a comment , i will reply as soon as possible.

📌(FAQS) Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Defined Crowd Page 📌

¿A web page with such an easy user interface for which you dont need any previous knowledge pays so well for the tasks?

Yes , Defined Crowd its a great platform for newbies and young people looking to make money doing all kinds of tasks.

Even if you dont have any previous experience .

I cant create a Paypal Account or Paypal is not available in the country where i live ¿What can i do in this particular case?

According to what you can see in the terms and conditions of the website if you send them an e-mail to (it has to be in english if you dont know the language use a translator).

They can pay you through other payment processors if you request it to them.

They have to have that especific payment processor available as its obvious .

¿Why they have canceled some of the thasks that i have done?

They may cancel your payment o some tasks y they think that these havent been done correctly.

Although this is not what uses to happen if you pay attention to the jobs that you do .

¿Can I sign up from anywhere in the world without any kind of restriction?

Yes , there isnt any limitation to create an account in Defined Crowd although there may not be tasks for your native country .

Although as i have said above if you know several languages you are gonna be able to receive tasks not meant to your physical location.

¿Do i need to have my Paypal account totally verified in order to being able to get paid in Defined Crowd?

NO, it is not necessary to have a verified Paypal account to being able to get paid in Defined Crowd .

¿Why am i not seeing tasks on the website these days?

Defined Crowd doesnt always have jobs available , they will notify you via e-mail when a new task is available .

The more experience you have and the more languages you know the more jobs you are gonna receive as you can imagine .

¿Can i make money by inviting my friends or bringing in referrals to Defined Crowd?

The only way to make money inviting other people is if they have sent you an specific code for a task .

If you send this code to your friend para que pueda acceder.
Te darán una compensación si tu amigo completa la tarea correctamente.

Although in my case the “secret” tasks ( with code ) that they have sent me so far .

They didnt allow the code to be shared publicly .

¿What are the kind of jobs that appear most of the time in Defined Crowd?

In my case working from Spain the jobs that has showed up the most for me are audio and voice recognition .

And also images and texts labelling mainly .

Both are pretty easy to do and they pay decently for the little difficulty that they have.