▷Ysense (Former Clixsense)¿How to earn with paid surveys?

Clixsense (very recently renamed as Ysense and some people know it as Hisense) is a very famous GPT web platform wich is available all over the world and has been online and paying out without any kind of problem  ningún tipo de problema a losmás de seis millones de usuarios que poseedesde el año 2007 .

This web platform was founded by the famous business men of the United States called Steven Girsky .

This web page allows you to earn money for free by filling paid surveys online crowdsourcing tasks and a bunc of offers.

From anywhere in the world without any kind of restriction.

Although you are NOT going to receive the exact same number of tasks and surveys in every single country exactly as it happens in most money making websites.

If you are from the United States of America you are gonna receive way more tasks than if you are from a country like India for example.

Lets start off explaining how Ysense works with much more detail.

🎯 All the Main Features of the Ysense web page

My personal rating of the Clixsense web page: Very Good (5⭐

Payment Proof: YES. At the end of this post you can see the last payment proof that i have received from Clixsense.

Language: The web page is available completely in English.

(The web interface is very easy to use you are not gonna have any problem to use it if you dont know the language very well) .

Levels of referrals: Clixsense has only one level of referrals available right now.

A few years ago they took out the 8 level downline that we previously had.

Payment for every referral: In Clixsense you are gonna make up to 20% from the earnings that generate you all your referrals.

And you are gonna make also as a bonus 2$ for every active referral who earns their firsts  5$ in the platform .

The referrals system is totally ilimited , you can invite as much people as you possibly can without any kind.

Payment Methods: A this moment you can get paid trough  Skrill , Payoneer Tango Card and also a check sent to your home.

(This last method is only available if you are resident in the United States) .

Accepted Countries: Clixsense accepts usrs usuarios from all over the world there is only acces restriciones in the countries that i will list next:

(Afghanistan , Albania , Antartica , Azerbaijan ,Island of Cuba , Kazakhstan , Irán , Iraq , North Korea , Níger and last but not least we have Vietnam) .

If you are from any other country such as Colombia , México , India , Indonesia , Pakistan or even Venezuela.

You can also make money for free with this web site.

Although they are gonna send you less campaigns than the people that is for example from the United States or any other Western Country.

Mobile App: Clix Sense does not have its own mobile app available for smartphones .

Nor for the Android devices either for the Apple devices with Ios.

Dont download any fake apk anywhere because very likely that you are gonna get hacked.

🤔 ¿How to earn money with Clixsense in 2019? How to get started in this web site

First as always you are gonna have to join the platform.

Signing up in this web page is very simple an completely FREE you just need to fill a little form.

Right below i will leave you my own referral link, you can register through it.


As i mentioned you can join from almost anywhere in the world except the countries that i already told you in the former part. 👆

clixsense o neobux cobrar login es fiable paypal 2019

When you have already filled the form you shall check out the inbox of your e-mail.

And there verifying your account by clicking in the link that they are gonna send you and after login in with your personal data.

🤔¿How does Clix Sense work? ¿How can i use this web platform? debo usar esta plataforma web?

In this web site you can make money for absolutely free with up to three diferent ways:

💢 By doing easy paid surveys

This is the way where you can get to make the most money in Clixsense because of the huge number of surveys that they send us on a daily basis that they use to send (at least for users living in any Western Countrie) .

Before starting to receive surveys you are gonna have to complete your personnal profile by going to “Surveys” and after that that clicking in « Surveys Profile » .

Lots of people online will tell you to write you personal information totally veridical and 100% real .

I will tell you that what works the best to get and complete more surveys in reality is typing exactly what the big brands are searching for .

Which is basically people around 30 to 40 years who has good income and at least a college or masters degree .

That also has a lot of electronic devices , several pets , car(its own vehicle) smokes , and also drinks a lot on a regular basis and consumes any products they tell you too.

That person also takes all the household decisions about buying groceries, insurance and anything in his household. 

In this other post that you can see by clicking in this link here i explain you with much more detail what i pretty much have written in my profile in all the paid surveys sites that i am currently using.

And being able to maximize the amount of surveys that im going to receive allowing me to make as much money as possible.

This platform doesn not send you the surveys directly in your inbox , you have to check it out on a daily basis to see what is available.

I have to say that normally they use to send a good number of surveys( casi todos los días de 3 a 15 ) , im from Spain if you are from the UK or the USA i guess that you will receive even more than me.

Although as you can imagine you are not gonna qualify in all of them.

Some of them you wont be able to finish , as it normally happens in this kind of pages. Saturdays and Sundays there use to be way less that in working days.

You also have to realize that despite this page is available in english.

 Almost all the surveys are going to appear you in the native language of your country specially if you are from the Europan Union or any other developed country.

Where there is more tasks available than for example Venezuela or India among other countries.

You wont have trouble if English is not your primary language or it is not spoken in your country.

Clixsense Paid Surveys

💢 Free offers

In the section of the offers you can also make money in all the panels by doing all the little tasks that appear you there.

💵 There are two different ways to make money with the offers: 

You are also able to fill surveys, mainly in three very known panels, very known like Persona.ly , Peanut Labs and also in Trial Pay .

(Panels may vary deppending on your location)

And by doing free sign ups. realizando registros gratuitos en todas las ofertas que se nos proporciona , you shall read very well every offer in order to being able to do it properly and get it credited.

From my own experience the panels where i have been able to complete the most sign ups and make the most money .

Have been , the wall of Wannads and the free offers section of Trial Pay .

And with all the surveys that appear in Trial Pay and last but not least in Offer Toro.


Doing Tasks in the Figure Eight platform is another way you can make money for free with this webpage that we have got available, (before, this site was known as Crowd Flower) .

You have to sign up with your personal e-mail using or using your Facebook account in Figure Eight wich is gonna be linked directly to your Clixsense account.

Where you will do micro-tasks like for example:

Checking out the street adresses that they give you to see if they are typed correctly .

Correcting phrases , identifying failures falils in websites, correcting adresses from real businesses and many more similar…

The tasks are divided by the different levels and the higher the level the higuer will be the amount of money that you will make for completing it.

Every task must be done with a minimun percentage of accuracy of at least 85% .

If you do a task and you do it below that percentage you wont be able to make money with that particular task and they will take you out.

Every month the ten users that have done the bigger number of tasks in  Figure Eight get a reward .

These rewards are according to his position order : $50 , $50, $10, $5, $5 and five prizes of two dollars for everybody until the 10th position .

In none of these methods you are going to need any specific strategy as you can see they are very easy anybody can make money by doing them.

🎁¿What is the Ysense Bonus Daily Check List? 

This reward is an daily extra bonus that the page offers to all of the users that are more active working on a daily basis.

They give you up to 10 per cent from all the money that we have made that day and to get it we have to have completed a minimun of ten tasks or two different surveys oroffers.

With this action they are gonna make you a esta acción te van a dar un 6% of what you have made during that day.

In order to get the 10% bonus you are gonna have to have installed the ClixAddon (explained right below)

And having it activated one hour minimun a day (by just having the browdser open it enough) y and having completed the bonus during 3 days in a row.

🤔 ¿How does the Clixsense referrals system work?

The referrals system of Clixsense allows you to invite people without any limit and it accepts users from all over the world.

You are gonna make the 20% of all the money that your referrals have generated you .

🤔 ¿What is the Clix Addon extension of Clixsense?

The Clix Addon is an extension that is installed easily in your own browser.

It is available in the next browsers:  Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and also if you use Microsoft Edge .

Which is gonna warn you when you have some task or available survey with a red symbol.

In the example below i have four different surveys available to being able to complete.

🤔¿Does Clixsense really Pay you? ¿Is it reliable or is it a complete Scam?

Yes, Clixsense is now Ysense and keeps being totally trusthworthy and they have being paying out without any kind of restriction since the year 2007 (more than twelve years now).

Also the minimun to cash out is pretty low , you just need to get to 10$ (very easy to reach if you live in any Western Country specially Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, )

And you can get paid trough Paypal, Payoneer (with this last method you need to acumulate a minimum of 50$ Skrill and also with an Amazon Gift Card) .

A few years ago in Clixsense we were able to withdraw through the famous payment processor of  PayPal .

But Paypal as it has happened with other similar websites and with serveral Paid to Click(Ptcs) sites.

Unlinked from the page and they frozen all the funds that hey have on the reserve.

Disabling this way the payouts done trough this method.

And they had to change all the payment processors they worked with to the ones that they right now.

Many payment processors in similar pages have been blocked by the SEC agency (Securities and Exchange Comission).

Since they have considered that in this pages there could be some ponzi schemes that are looking to scamming people. (Now is back since they have new owners =) ).

Payouts are done by order of request and deppending on the number of orders that they have in that particular moment. 

If they have a lot as its obvious the money will take you more time in showing up in your in account.

Normally from my own personal experience they use to take around five to seven working days pretty much to issue you your payment .

Right below im going to leave the last payment proof through Skrill that i got from this site.


clixsense paga comprobante pago payment proof skrill 2019

✔️ My honest Opinions about Clixsense in 2019 and making money filling paid surveys 

Clixsense is  a very reliable and known web site that is very known that is very known and has been paying out without any for over twelve years now.

The best page within the GPT websites category (Get Paid To Do) without any doubt.

And you can make money without needing to sell anything to anybody. , for absolutely FREE.

Lo cual me hace recomendarla con los ojos cerrados a todo el mundo.

If you wanna sign up and start making money for free with Clixsense you can do it by clicking in my referral link in the button right below.

Thank you so much for reading this full review about Clix sense until the very end.

If you still have any question that has not been answered in the FAQS section you can contact me through any of my social media accounts which you can find by clicking right here .

(FAQS) All the Most frequently asked questions that i have received about the Clixsense web site

¿What can i do if i am done with a survey in Clixsense and it didnt get credited?

In this particular case you have to make sure that you have not closed the survey and taking a picture of it.

After that go to the «Help» Menu and after to y «Submit a Ticket» and there tell them what has happened .

And ask them to check it out.

In order to identify a survey go to « History & Support » and there you canse see the ID of each one and the day and the hour that the questionaire was made at.

¿How can i change my beginning sponsor in Clixsense?

If you are not happy with your current sponsor because he/she doesnt answer your doubs or whatever the platform allows you to change it.

In order to do so you have to go the support and telling the support team with a private message.

In my particular case i did too and they changed it to me in one moment without asking me for anything else.

¿Can i buy or rent referrals in Clixsense like in other similar platforms such as Neobux?

NO , in this site this practice is NOT allowed.

According to what they say they dont use to enable it because you may buy a referral.

And this person might never do anything in the platform and you would have lost all your money in the purchase.

¿Is it possible to make money by playing with the games that they have available with the games that they have available in the platform?

NO , in this particular case the games doesnt offer you any paid task , you cant make money they are just there to play for fun

¿Can i access to my personal account from several IP adresses?

YES, nothing is going to happen to your account , you can get in without worrying about being in diferent places.

One thing you have to be careful with is if you are going abroad for some days.

Since if you access from a country that is not your home country they can limit your account temporarily.

And if somebody gets into an account that is not yours from the same PC or smartphone than the one you use most of the time to access Clixsense.

Its very possible that they get to close both accounts. mbas cuentas .

As they state in their terms and conditions in the site.

I got a strange e-mail from Clixsense asking me if I wanted to be a Mistery Shopper ¿Is this legit?

NO , this e-mail is a complete scam that a bunch of people have been receiving.

That some hackers have been using to get all your personal data and your money on the site hiding themselves behind the legal name of Clixsense .

Clixsense would NEVER send you these kind of messages directly to your inbox.

Never trust these kind of rare messages that dont come from the oficial e-mail of the web-site.

¿How much can you make with the Ysense web site on your own?

In most of the days specially if you are from USA, Australia or any other Western country you are gonna find a lot of surveys and you will be able to make at least 5$ – 10$ a day pretty easily.

If you are not very unlucky with the surveys.

In the weekends there are less tasks available although you will be able to make some money too.