▷ Clickworker Review 2020 ¿How to make money with mini-jobs?

Clickworker is a web platform in which you can make MONEY totally FREE from the UK , USA, and many other countries by doing all sorts of crowdsourcing tasks in your spare time .

Among them i can mention you all the ones that you can see right below:

(The redaction of simple texts as a copywriter, date entry jobs, the recording of short videos and audios, categorizing images, and a large etc more that i could mention) .

Similar in a lot of aspects to another very famous web site of tasks from the United States called Spare 5 which you might be familiar with.

This web page has been paying out without any kind problem since the year  2010 and is part of the German business Clickworker GMBH .

Here you can check you a more in depth review of the company in their “About us” section and in Crunchbase.

Which was founded more than fourteen years ago in 2005 .

And its postal address is the one that you can see right below in the germanic country :

Hatzper Str. Number 30, 45149 Essen in Germany .

At this moment the page already has with over one and a half million people working on it on a daily basis.

In this site as in any other page where you do Crowdsourcing type of tasks.

You are gonna be doing work that is totally real and has been hired by a real customer.

For a user or worker from the site that will have to complete that job.

For example looking for people to categorize one element in spanish and that also speak well the language. 💵

So in order to sign up without any problem in this web page.

There has to be AVAILABLE in that particular moment work for your own country .

This can be known easily if it is not letting you to sign up.

Which is obviously going to mean that there is not any job available in your geographic location in that particular moment.

In the case of Spain , i did not have any trouble nor i have heard anybody that had it when joining.

Lets start off analyzing this web site way more deeply.

😀 All the Main Features of the web of Click Worker

My own personal Rating of this web site: Very Good (5⭐)

Payment Proof: Yes . At the end of this post you can see the last payment proof that i have received of the Clickworker web.

Available LanguagesClickworker is available in German and also in English.

If you are from Spain unfortunately you wont be able to work with it in your native language.

As i explain you right below right after joining the site , it is in its original language in German.

Although this can be modified also to the English language which is way easier to understand for most of the people.

All the available CountriesClickworker does not have any restriction of any kind by each country.

Any person can join regardless of the country where you live .

Even if you live in Venezuela , Mexico ,Morocco , India, Indonesia , China, Brazil, Argelia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh , Ethiopia , Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand , South Africa, DR Congo etc .

Although if you are from Canada, Australia, USA,Greece, Germany , UK, Sweden , Norway, Finland, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands,Italy , Switzerland, Ireland or any other western country.

You are always going to receive way more paid jobs than in any of those other countries.

As it happens in most of the online businesses. .

All the levels of referrals: The invitation system of Click Worker has one onlye level of referrals available right now. 

Payouts for the referrals: In Clickworker you are gonna be able to make  5€ for every person that signs up under your link and its a valid user.

For this person to be considered a valid referral this has to get to generate at least 10€ within the platform.

Which is something that is not hard at all, its enough if the person its a little bit active you are gonna get to that quantity very easily.

 Minimum amount to being able to cashout: You just need to get to  5€ through the payment processor of Paypal .

And the double ten euros if you use the Bank Wire.

And the best is that they dont charge you any fee of any kind,your payment is gonna arrive you full.

All the available payment methods: You can get paid through Paypal and Bank Wire as i already mentioned.

Mobile app: Clickworker has its owns mobile apps available for testers to work from the comfort of their mobile phone.

At the moment it is available for  iOS devices of Apple and also for all the Android phones.

Dont ever download any apk from any online forum or website just stick to the official sources and you will avoid all sorts of problem.

🔥 ¿How can i sign up in Clickworker? ¿How to get started? First Steps

In Clickworker you must choose if you want to sign up as a costumer to work and get paid or as a business to invest and run all of your campaigns .

Or by contrast as a worker or normal user (in order to make money).

Also you shall choose the country that you live in.

And if there is any work available it is going to let you access .

If not you shall wait till there is some jobs available at your location to join Click Worker.

In order to start making money with this platform a become a clickworker you can sign up by clicking right below in my personal referral link .


Once you are already within the site you can change the language if you want since at the beggining it is going to appear you in German.

In order to do so, you have to go to «Profil» and going to the menu that says «benutzestereinstellungen» .

And in the first button from the the two that you have below you can choose the English language.

You also have to fill out your entire profile , in order to do so you are gonna have to head to Profile » Clickworker and after that once you are there fill in all the next menus that you can see in the picture right below .

menu clickworker

In the «Languages» menu you must write all the languages that you speak fluently.

In the Skills all the things that you are good at and you know a lot about (you are NOT allowed to lie under no circumstances).

Since the jobs that they send you are going to depend exactly of everything that you have written in this part.

And in the Hobbies you have to select which are all the things you like to do in your free time and in which you are a complete expert or you have advanced knowledge.

Within the profile of Clickworker you also have to go to «Contact Details» .

And once you are there you must fill all your personal data correctly.

(All the date you type must be LEGIT if not they are not going to let you charge your money since they check out a lot all the legal documents since they are a very serious business as you can see). 

And you have to put as much skills as you can that you can actually know how to so you can get more jobs from this site.

You will also have to go to < Payment Details >.

Where you will have to choose where you wanna receive your money.

(You can get paid from just 5€ through Paypal and also through Bank Wire)

In order to get paid with Paypal you have to have the account verified.

And from the mobile app of Clickworker you will have to associate the account.

For what they can verify your identity.

In the » Tax Details » you are going to have to indicate if you are or not self employed and in Identification Number it will ask you to write the number or your ID.

Once you have already filled all this numbers of taxes and data you shall do all the initial assessments of the beginning to be ready to receive all the jobs that this platform can send you.

🤔 ¿What Are the ASSESMENTS Tasks in Clickworker

The Assesments are qualification tests that you will have to pass in order to access to some of the jobs.

These are found in the upper menu of Assessments.

The UHRS number oneis a test where they measure your level and fluency of the English language and you have to score at least a minimun score of 85% in order to get through.

If you are familiar with this language you wont have any problem you dont have to worry.

(It can not be repeated twice or more tiimes, you must do it in a moment where you can be totally focused and without having any kind of external distraction from other people , family , Whatsapp , Facebook etc).

In my case i was able to pass it without much problem, although if the english is not your native lenguage it is not very easy you are going to have to pay attention if you want to get trough this test.

If you were able to pass the UHRS number one succesfully you will be able to access now the UHRS II .

Which is a trial way easier than the first one and i dont know anybody that has not been able to pass it , so you shouldnt have problem either.

The biggest difficulty as i have told you is in the first test.

Once you have passed it you are going to receive in your e-mail your personal password and your user name or ID from the UHRS platform.

In order to have access to your account.

📌 Main Market Place And Free Tasks in this web site

This one that you can see right below is the main page or DashBoard of Clickworker where all the tasks will be displayed.

(You are not going to receive an e-mail for completing each of them in your inbox as it happens in many other webpages) .

I recommend you to check it out on a daily basis the site to see if there is any new job avalailable that you can do.

tareas  trabajos clickworker

As you can see they tell us what they will pay you for every single one of the jobs.

The jobs that are left of every task.

And also the time during which is gonna be avaliable the task.

📌 The system of referrals in Clickworker 💵 5€ for every invited person

In order to find your referral link and being able to find you referral link and make money by inviting all your friends and family.

You shall scroll down straight the below part of the dashboard and clicking in the part that you can see right below.

Every time that one of your referrals generates its first 10€ in the platform you are going to earn 5€ .

The referrals system of this web site is pretty good , and you can make a lot of money off it if you have a huge network of followers.

It is not gonna replace your full time job salary but it is a good side hustle if you know how to promote the offer very well.

🤔¿How does Clickworker pay you? ¿Is this web site legit or a complete SCAM?

Yes, Clickworker is nowadays a totally reliable page.

I have gotten paid a lot of times from this web without any kind of issue when receiving the payment.

If you request the payment through Paypal you are going to receive the money in one week or less according to my own experience (in business days).

(It is necessary for you to have your Paypal  account totally verified)

Through bank wire the most normal is that you are going to receive your payment among the days 7 and 10 of every month.

(From the next month that you have requested the payment).

clickworker payment proof  venezuela jobs app uhrs

I also have to say that Clickworker issues legal bills. 

And their payouts are going to appear you directly for doing your tax return of the year.

📌 Clickworker My Sincere Opinions about this web page in the year 2020

This web platform is a page that is very veteran and reliable from what i have already gotten paid so many times.

Where absolutely anybody can make some extra money on the side for free , regardless of their level of expertise in online businesses, tic etc.

From Clickworker i like its low minimun to cash out , achievable for any person.

And also that they send a good number of tasks at least for Spain and the United Kingdom which is what I know.

As the only downside i could say that they dont send you a notification directly to your e-mail when they have a new task available.

It is necessary que revises la página web todos los días si no quieres llegar a perderte ninguno de los trabajos .

If you are interested in this web site of tasks:

You can join for absolutely free and start making money by clicking in my personal link that you have right below .


¡Greetings and as always thank you so much for having read this detailed review of Click Worker so far!

If you still have any questions leave them down below.

I will do my best to answer them to you as fast as i can.

📌 (FAQS) The most frequently asked question that i have received about ClickWorker

¿Can I work in Click Worker when im out of my own country?

There is not any problem with this according to what they tell us on the platform.

Although , one thing that may happen is that they put your account in “suspicious mode” and disable it temporarily.

The biggest projects cant be done from a foreign country according to what they say although they dont say exactly from which amount of money this projects are going to be .

I have failed in the initial Assesments , is there any way for me to being able to repeat them all over again?

Yes, it is totally posible to repeat these tasks if you have a valid reason to do it.

You have to send them an e-mail telling them the reason why you wanna repeat this test. (technical difficulties with the web page, you have had a failure when doing the tests etc.)

¿Is it necessary to have the Paypal account verified to receive payments from Clickworker?

YES, as i have told you above they cant pay you if you dont have your account verified.

Clickworker takes very seriously all the legal terms and it is necessary for you to have it verified.

¿Why cant i see jobs available these days in the web?

This can happen for three different reasons:

  • Simply there is no jobs available for your geographic location or for people with the languages and skills that you have specified on your profile.
  • You have not completed the assesments the right way then you are going to have access to less acounts.
  • Or that you have done former jobs very badly and they have lowered your rankin in the site, so because of this you receive less jobs.

¿Why can i only use the UHRS with the old Internet Explorer and not with other web browsers?

No, its not totally mandatory although it it what i would recommend you.

Since the UHRS platform it is made and optimized for this specific web browser and others can give you some type of mistake or not opening some kind of tasks.

¿Can i use the Proxy server or a VPN network to change my IP address and doing tasks that are just available for other countries?

Absolutely NO, as you can imagine this is forbidden in most of the money making sites.

They can ban you , shut down your account with all the money that you have generated up to this point.

¿How much can you make working in Clickworker?

It deppends of the country where you are based but in my experience i can cash out every single normally without any problem , normally they use to have jobs and i can make 5 or 10 dollars every month just with my own work and you can get to make more depending on the task they send you.

On top of that like with any online business as i mentioned if you can bring in more people and take advantage of the referrals system you are going to make more money and the referrals system of this page is pretty good (5€ per person).

Clickworker deleted my account ¿What has happened?

This is not usual you must have done something wrong, you must contact the customer service team and if its been a mistake they should reopen it without any problem