▷ Aklamio Affiliates 2019 ¿How can i make money for FREE?

Aklamio is one of the biggest affiliate marketing platforms available for all the European countries.

They have more than half million people already registered working on the platform on a daily basis.

And it was founded eight years ago in 2011 in the Capital of Germany in Berlin .

Aklamio has became one of the most relevant web pages of affiliate marketing in Europe.

They connect big brands and different businesses from a lot of different sectors and niches directly with the consumers.

Thanks to the Aklamio users that act as if they were commercial sellers.

Promoting all their offers and getting in exchange a part of all the profits generated by these campaigns.

In Aklamio you can promote a bunch of products letting you make good comissions starting from 30€.

Such as all kinds of Insurance , web hostings , internet businesses among so many others .

And also good Cashback percentages in a lot of platforms such as Ebay Aliexpress, Hewlett Packard (HP) etc.

You are also gonna be able to take advantage of the numerous discounts they offer you to save a lot of money when you wanna buy something on the Internet.

Lets start off explaining how this great site works more deeply.

✔️ All the Main Features of the Aklamio web Platform

My Personal Rating of the Aklamio site : Very good (5⭐)

Payment Proof : Yes . At the end of this post you are going to be able to see the last payment proof that i have received from this web platform.

Available languages: The interface of this web page is available in Spanish , English , French , German and also in Italian .

You can change the language if you want to at any given moment in the top right corner.

Levels of referrals: This web site only has one level of referrals at this moment .

Referrals system: In this web platform you canget to make up to 10 % of the earnings generated by your first level referrals.

Mínimun Cashout: The minimun quantity that you need to collect to get paid in Aklamio is very low , just one euro is necessary.

There arent any comissions when getting paid through the Paypal payment processor . You are gonna receive the full payment.

Accepted countries in Aklamio : You can sign up in Aklamio and start making money if you live in any of the following countries :

In SpainFrance, United Kingdom (UK) , Germany , Switzerland and last but not least we also have Austria available.

As they have mentioned several times they are looking to expand to more countries in the future.

Available Payment Methods : You can request a payment through the  PayPal payment processor and also through a Bank Wire.

Mobile App: This platform does not have its own mobile app available .

Nor for Android devices nor for Ios devices either.

They only have the Desktop version available to use.

Available Extension : Yes, Aklamio has an extensión which is totally free and it is called Cash Bar.

You can install it in any browser out there and it is gonna send you a new notification when there is new offers and promotions available in the platform for you.

🤔 ¿How does Aklamio work? ¿How can i sign up on this web platform?

You can sign up and start using this web site by just clicking in my personal referral link right below .

Just after signing up you are gonna have to go to the inbox of your own e-mail.

And confirming from there your account by clicking in the link that they have sent you .


Once you have already confirmed your account and filled all your personal data that they ask you to put , you are already gonna be set to start promoting campaigns and making money with this platform.

For that you are gonna have to go to above to the ”Categories” section .

✔️ All the Categories and Campaigns available right now in Aklamio

Right now the categories that we have available in the Aklamio web site are the following ones:

Fashion and Clothes (Zalando, Travel and Holidays (Booking) , Home and Beauty, Finance, Energy, Insurance ,Electronic Devices (Ebay, Amazon, AliExpress) and Software (like Media Markt or Geek Buying among others) , Cars and Motorcycles , Others .

After choosing the cattegory that you wanna promote you are gonna see a lot of different offers available:

✔️ There are two types of different offers available in the web site:

  • CPA or Cost Per Action : When the users perform an action you receive a pinned amount of money established. For example if a person signs up in a web site and buys something for 15€ you might get 10€ back.
  • RS or Revenue Share : When the user buys something or does a bet , you are going to receive a percentage of the quantity that he/she has spent on the site, For example the 4% of all the purchases made in the HP shop.

In every single offer you are gonna see something similar to the picture that you can see right below . 👇

In the top right corner in red you are gonna have the link that you will have to use to promote the offer .

When you click you are gonna see that it allows you to keep all the earnings for your , delivering them 50/50 with the person that performs the offer or give it all to the other person.

This is your own choice.

Right below you can see the description of every campaign and the steps that you need to take in order to do it .

(It is very very important reading this in order not to fail doing it and for the campaign to get credited the right way).

And before doing any offer deleting your browsers cookies and your search history.

This will make more likely that the campaign gets credited well.

I would recommend you to use the incognito mode of your browser because this way you dont have overwritten data.

Last but not least you are gonna see how much money you are gonna get (CPA) or the percentage for every lead that you get depending on what type of offer you have chosen to do.


🤔 ¿Does Aklamio Pay you? ¿Is this web site Legit or it is a complete Scam?

Yes , Aklamio has been paying out without any kind of problem for a while now , by far its been a very sustainable business.

I have never had any issue or delay when requesting a payment nor anything with this web site.

And the payments normally use to take only around 24 hours if you have requested them through the payment processor of Paypal .

And if you request them through bank wire the average delivery time is between one up to three business days maximum.

aklamio payout

If you wanna start making money recommending different products and services with Aklamio you can do it by clicking in my personal link that you can find right below.


📌 My honest Thoughts and Opinions about the Aklamio Platform in the year 2019

Aklamio is a very reliable and famous web site and i highly highly recommend it .

It is great to save money in a lot of products like hiring Internet services or purchasing almost anything online.

And if you have a little niche or an online shop where you sell something .

This web site has great comissions that will allow you to get a good quantity for the purchases that your affiliates make .

If you are good at affiliate marketing you should definitely consider to use this web site.

I also have to mention that their minimun payout is just one euro which is very accesible to any person.

Since it is very low compared to most of the affiliate marketing web platforms that are available out there .

😃 Greetings and as i always say thank you so much for reading this little review about Aklamio so far.

If you have any questions or doubts about this platform please leave them right below.

I will do my best to answer them to you as soon as i possibly can.

¡Everyone have a wonderful day!

📌 (FAQS) All the Most Frequently Asked Questions that i have received about the site of Aklamio

¿Why they have cancelled me one of my comissions?

The comissions in Aklamio as they say in his terms and conditions can be cancelled for four different reasons :

  • The affiliate has cancelled the purchase or returned the product then the purchase has not been completed .
  • If a promo code that is not allowed has been used when buying something on one of the shops.
  • If the purchase or transaction has not been done in any of the available currencies in the countries in which Aklamio is operating . The currencies that they allow you are the following ones: the euro(€), the pound (£) and also the czech crowns (Kč).
  • There was some mistake when tracking the comission which normally occurs for having too much browser windows open , your browser is not capable of handling the cookies or not deleting the historial of your internet browser before having started the offer .

¿How much do they use to take on average in approving the campaigns?

Concerning the time that they take to verify the comission of every campaign that you have done.

In most cases they dont get to delay all the time that they establish on every campaign.

If you have done it correctly you are gonna have your comission before.

Very few times i have had to wait till the end of what they say in order to get paid for the offers that i have made.

¿How much money can i get to make with this platform?

It depends of how you are at recommending and what campaigns you choose to promote .

The best ways that i have found to promote this kind of offers is through SEO in search engines and collecting e-mails with this blog that you ranked previously.

After that doing e-mail marketing to the visitors that you get in that blog to promote similar offers to the ones that you have on your web.

¿Do i need to have my Paypal account verified in order to being able to cash out in Aklamio?

No , in this case it is not necessary for you to have the Paypal account verified.

Although you are gonna have to link it .

And i recommend you to verify it as soon as you possibly can because in most of the sites available out there to make money from home.

It is completely mandatory, if not they are not going to issue you any of your payments.