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Acti Web New Web Hosting Platform

Acti Web New Web Hosting Platform 1

Acti Web is a new WordPress hosting platform from the Xtudio Networks SL business.

Which offers very high quality hosting for the WordPress CMS and premium customer service.

A few years ago they started as a site for creating websites , and then they turned into what they are now .

A provider of web hosting for businesses and freelancers who want to make money online.

Xtudio Networks is based in the Progreso Street 177 in A Rúa de Valdeorras in Galicia (Spain)

Their Tax Identification Number is B-32435315

Where you can also buy any domain you want like in GoDaddy or any other big platform out there.

This web site is currently available worlwide , they have the site translated in english and also in spanish .

🔸 Sign Up in

In the first place in order to sign up you have to go to «Área de clientes» or Customers Area.

And after that go to «Registrarse» and fill out all of your personal data .

💢 Hosting and extra complements

WordPress , Antispam, Antimalware

*All the prices listed dont include any taxes*

💵 Affiliates System

Right now you can make up to 25% from the purchases of your affiliates on any product on the web.

📌 Thoughts and Opinions about

Actiweb its a great hosting company , as well as sered the two hosting services that this business has work very well